Ingham ISD has several good DVD's that show examples of all phases of differentiating instruction, at all levels of school. Contact Theron Blakeslee or Amy Kilbridge to make arrangements to borrow them.

A visit to... A School Moving Toward Differentiation (ASCD, 2007)
This is a good video for a school improvement team and principal to watch together.

Differentiated Instruction in Action: Elementary, Middle School and High School versions (ASCD, 2008)
Great examples of how the five conditions (non-negotiables) are carried out in classrooms. Viewer's Guide included.

The Common Sense of Differentiation: Meeting Specific Learner Needs in the Regular Classroom (ASCD, 2005)Three sections:1. Discovering Learner Needs, including Student Learning Preferences and InterestsPrerequisite SkillsPre-assessmentsOngoing Assessments
2. Techniques for Adjusting Instruction, including
Reading and Vocabulary Development
Organizing and Expressing Ideas
Text Reading and Note Taking
Organizational Skills

3. Classroom Routines, including
Homework Checkers
Warm-up and Learning Stations
Meshing of Routines